Friendships Built on Christ

Would you say that Jesus’ teaching on building your house on the rock or the sand pertains, only, to our faith journey? Or, could He be meaning every aspect of your life? Mainly, your relationships? Your relationships can seem good. They can be fulfilling. They can experience love, and kindness, and benevolence but, if the common thread is not Christ, then, when that thread is removed or broken the relationship will sever. We can all be guilty of neglecting our true friends in hopes of mending or holding onto relationships that are only illusions of true friendship. Look back throughout your life. Sadly, there may be no one standing with you. But, in that sadness is where the joy and the peace of Jesus will exceed all understanding. Seek Him first and He will place you in the lives of others who are seeking Him first. For some, there are one or two people that have been to hell and back alongside you and are still there. A bond made in Christ cannot be broken. You may not speak to them or see them like you ought but this does not change the fact that your relationship is built on the rock of Jesus and no storm can ever hope to tear it apart! Make time to tell those God has given you how grateful you are to God for their life, their friendship, and their love.
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