Volunteers are the backbone of our DNA.

Click below to see all open volunteer spots in our worship services, office, and community outreach.

Welcoming Team
The Welcoming team is vital to our reopening procedures. This team will be made up of parking lot attendants, greeters, as well as perform health checks & record attendance.
Clean Team
The Clean Team will ensure that all sanitizing steps are completed to keep our worship services safe for all. These volunteers quickly put away and clean up the facility, leaving it spotless. By the time this team is through with their work, one would never know our church was even there, well, other than the smiling faces found in the parking lot.
Online Worship Team
Some people have called the online worship services "not having church". It actually takes a lot of work to "not have church." Join the team so we can have the best online services for everyone.
Worship Team
These are the brave souls that meet, practice, perform, set up, and generally make worship happen from our Murray Hills campus.
Community Support
Click here to see how you can help support our own church family through some difficult times.
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