Egg Three

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Welcome to an Eggcellent Adventure hosted by St John UMC, Stanley UMC, Harrison UMC, Washington Hills UMC (Chattanooga, TN) & Savannah UMC (Ooltewah, TN) & created by Bothell United Methodist Church (Bothell, WA) and Cathedral of the Rockies (Boise, ID)! Find all 12 eggs (in any order), complete each task to collect a “secret letter”. Once you have them all, unscramble the 12 “secret letters” to reveal the special message and submit it here.

Happy Eggcellent Adventure Easter Egg Hunting, everyone.


Note to grown ups: This scavenger hunt is designed to be a safe and fun activity. Set a goal of having a good time and remember children shine when we are silly, flexible, and playful! Feel free to modify the activities to fit your group.

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Welcome to St John UMC

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There are plenty of eggs, for you and for me, and now…here’s EGG 3!

 Nice work! Now see if you can fill in the blanks below with the missing words:

Little Bo peep has lost her ______

And doesn’t know _______ to find them.

Leave them ______ and they’ll come home,

Bringing their tails ______ them.

Little ____ peep fell fast asleep

And dreamt she _____ them bleating,

But when she awoke, she found it a ______,

For they were _____ still fleeting.

Little Bo Peep by Joseph Martin Kronheim

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Here’s your secret letter. Collect all 12.

Be sure to keep track of the letters by writing them down, saving the QR code/URL or taking a screenshot so you can unscramble the letters when you are done!

Ready to submit your answer? Click HERE

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Your Next Clue

These DONUTS are a Total Knockout!