L3 Culture

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L3 Culture: This is the way St. John has chosen to conduct the ministries of the church. It allows each Team to better understand how Loving, Learning, and Leading reflect the St. John Core Values embodied in their ministries, as the Team becomes closer to the Biblical example of discipleship, i.e., ministry carried out by the collective involvement of all its members.

L3 Culture fits into our core values, the bedrock of the St. John congregational values that can never be compromised.


  • · Intimacy with our Creator
  • · Prayer—intercession & thankfulness
  • · Obedience
  • · Worship
  • · Community
  • - Forgiveness


  • · Biblically rooted & grounded
  • · Growing in faith through discipleship & spiritual development


  • · Our witness
  • · Faithful stewardship of our gifts & service

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Getting Busy With The B's

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