January 11, 2022 Nate Lowe

2022 Week 2

Week 2 Mark 2

My hope is that all of you have had an amazing start to the week in the Lord! 

This past Sunday we quickly moved through Mark Chapter 2 and continued through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Take time this week to read through Mark 2 again with open eyes and open ears as God continues to grow you into the likeness of His one and only Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

If you have questions or would like any further insights or help as you journey through His Word, please, don’t hesitate to comment or send us a message. 


Mark 2

Matthew 4:12-17

Luke 4:16-30

Matthew 9:1-8

Luke 5:17-26

Matthew 9:9-13

Luke 5:27-32

Romans 3:9-11

Matthew 9:14-17

Luke 5:33-39

Leviticus 23

Matthew 6:1-18

Matthew 12:1-14

Luke 6:1-11

Genesis 2:1-3

Matthew 12