August 09, 2021 Nate Lowe

Pour Into Others

Pastor Carl gave us this challenge; Are we pouring into others? Using an illustration of a sponge, we saw that we are to first seek after God as He pours into us. It doesn’t stop there, however. We MUST then, like a sponge, empty ourselves into others. What does your personal time with the Lord look like? Do you make time for Him? Not only when it’s convenient but do you seek after Him every waking moment? Do you ask Him to place you with others that need to be poured into? 

Take time every day this week to seek Him through prayer and in His Word. 

Monday- Matthew 19:13-15

Tuesday- Luke 18:17

Wednesday- Matthew 18:1-4

Thursday- Luke 14: 7-24

Friday- Romans 12:1-2

Saturday- Psalm 46:10