April 04, 2020 DeAnna Prather

#StayAtHome Structure

#StayAtHome Structure

This graphic appeared in my Facebook feed from First Things First. If you would like more of their tips on maintaining healthy relationships during this season, check out their quarantine page: First Things First (also if the whole picture isn't showing up)

I struggled a LOT when the changes first happened. We had just moved into a new house. Everything I own is in boxes and I don't know where anything is, except for the pajamas I'd packed in my overnight bag for the first night. So that first day, I stayed in my pajamas. I unpacked a little, but the only clothes I found was leggings, more pajama pants and t-shirts. So the first week, I wore pajamas all day. Then at bedtime, I'd shower and change into clean pajamas. I would lay in bed at night and wonder where the day had gone and why I hadn't accomplished more.

Skip, on the other hand, got up and dressed like he was going to work. Not just from the waist up because that's all that will show in a video call. But exactly like he was going to walk out the door (minus shoes - he wore slippers or flip flops at home). On the 3rd day, I asked why. He said he just needed that to get in the work mindset.

I realized that day that even though everything was upside down right now. We needed to stick to as regular of a schedule as possible. I couldn't really wear what I'd normally wear to the office, because I hadn't found anything besides pajamas and leggings (which are really just fancier pajamas) PLUS dirty laundry and we didn't have a washing machine yet! BUT I did get up and change clothes. I didn't just sit on the couch with my laptop; I moved to the table and set up my mouse and keyboard. It's amazing how different that day was!

So I just want to remind you, as I needed reminding, LIFE IS NOT CANCELLED. Going out might be cancelled. Parties, gatherings, and going to the office might be cancelled. But life is STILL happening. So stay on schedule as much as possible. Do whatever you would be doing normally, but find a way to do it at home. Find the things you can do now that you couldn't do if everything was "normal."

One day, this season will be a memory, so let's not waste it!