May 24, 2019 DeAnna Prather

The Power of Praise

The Power of Praise

This past Sunday Dr. Jacqueline talked about the Power of Our Praise. She referenced the story of King Jehoshaphat who was about to fight an impossible battle. This battle was against an enemy much larger and stronger than his army, mostly because it was 3 armies joined together to come down them. 2 Chronicles 20 tells the story of this battle. King “Joe” prayed to God and He told him to send the choir before the army praising God, and God would do the rest. They praised and sang songs of worship to God the entire time they were marching into battle. By the time King Joe’s army arrived at the valley, the 3 armies had become so confused and disoriented, they had all killed each other and every enemy soldier was dead. King Joe’s army arrived at the battle with the battle already won and over. This is the power of our praise! 

To the graduates that submitted bios for last week’s Graduation Sunday, you may have noticed that I changed many of your words. Many of you wrote “I plan to”, “I want to”, “I think I will.” I changed all those to I WILL’s. I will attend Miles College. I will start my own business. I will become a doctor. Speak positive prophecy into your life and trust God for the rest! 

Every battle we face, we need to remember to praise first! 

If you are locked in a prison, PRAISE GOD! 

If you are battling addiction, PRAISE GOD! 

If you lost your job, PRAISE GOD! 

If you are battling illness, PRAISE GOD! 

It’s in the midst of our praise that we establish intimacy with our Creator God.  So PRAISE GOD, and just see what he can do in the battle of your life.